Other than being over the age of 18, we have no formal enrollment requirements. To pass our course, students will need to earn at least 75% of the total points that are possible. Further, no past students have failed out of our program, since we have plenty of extra credit opportunities. For more information about each unit's point totals, please reference the scale on the page below.
Unit 1 – A Primer for Drilling Fluids
10 Lecture Quizzes totaling 100 points
Unit 1 Test totaling 100 points

Unit 2 – Drilling Fluid Analysis
4 Lecture Quizzes totaling 40 points
Unit 2 Test totaling 40 points

Unit 3 – Treatments and Pilot Testing
4 Lecture Quizzes totaling 40 points
Unit 3 Test totaling 40 points

Unit 4 – Final Testing
Comprehensive Final 30 Points*

*All assigned Handouts and Labs must be turned in by course completion.

Attendance Policy
Students are required to attend every class and be on time. If an absence is unavoidable, then make up lectures may be scheduled depending on instructors' availability.