Grading Scale

At Ace Mud School we make use of a custom grading scale in order to challenge our students. As can be seen below, our scale differs from the more traditional grading scale since each grade is shifted up by 5%. In effect, this difference allows us to ensure that students are reaching their full potential in class.

A    =   95 - 100%
B    =   85 - 94%
C    =   75 - 84%
Inc. =   0 - 74%

Minimum Requirements

To pass our course, students are required to earn at least 75% of the total points that are possible. Students that earn below 75% will be given an Incomplete until they have made up the necessary points. If needed, points can be made up by completing extra credit projects which are assigned on a case by case basis. Further, please note that course credit from Ace Mud School is not transferrable to other academic institutions.

How to Calculate Your Grade

Student grade calculations are simple and straight forward. To determine what grade a student has earned for a particular unit, start by adding up all of the student's points for that unit. Next, divide their total points by the points that were possible. Then, multiply the answer by 100 and compare the end result to our grading scale.

Example: Student Joe B. earned 128 points out of the 150 points possible for Unit 1. What is his grade?

Step 1) Divide Joe's points by the total possible points.
128 รท 150 = 0.853
Step 2) Multiply the answer by 100.
0.853 x 100 = 85.3%
Step 3) Compare the percentage.
On our Scale 85.3% is a B.