Core Curriculum

After reviewing our course, some have said that we set the standard in drilling fluids education. To earn this honor, we designed our curriculum based on the latest findings from field research. Why do we think this makes us the best? The results. Our curriculum has helped countless students build industry skills at an accelerated rate. In the end, our graduates are often amazed by how quickly they were able to learn course materials.

So how do we do it? The first part of our secret is in how we present core subjects. Since we recognize that everyone has a different way of learning, we are able to teach to each student's strength. In fact, we take great pride in our ability to target the 3 major learning styles; visual, auditory, and hands-on. By using this , our students have had great success when it comes to learning important course concepts.

The second part of our secret is in our daily class schedule. Each day we start out with a lecture that prepares students for labs which come later. In this manner, they have a chance to grasp new concepts before applying them in practical exercises. As a result, our students are able to pass exams with higher scores than they would have otherwise. At Ace Mud School we believe that student performance is a key measure of teaching effectiveness.

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