Course Schedule

Class is scheduled to start at 8:30am and end at 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Classes will take place on major national holidays unless otherwise noted by instructors. Further, the following course schedule is subject to last minute changes without prior notice as we must remain flexible to meet certain class needs. Please scroll down to view our updated school schedule.
Referenced Textbooks - Purchase of the texts below is not necessary
Composition and Properties of Drilling and Completion Fluids by HCH Darley and George R. Gray
Nontechnical Guide to Petroleum Geology, Exploration, Drilling and Production by Norman J. Hyne
First Week: A Primer for Drilling Fluids
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Welcome/Introduction Handout 1 Due Handout 2 Due Handout 3 Due Handout 4 Due
Basic Geology Primer Drilling Process Primer Drilling Fluids Primer Mud Lab Introduction Mud Testing Methods
Drilling Rig Primer Solids Control Primer Common Fluid Products Mud Kit Components Mud Report Overview
Handout 1 Handout 2 Handout 3 Handout 4 Handout 5 (Unit 1 Review)
Second Week: Drilling Fluid Analysis
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Handout 5 Due Handout 6 Due Handout 7 Due Handout 8 Due Handout 9 Due
Unit 1 Final Test Drilling Fluids and ROP Fluid Rheology Chemistry and Filtration Pilot Testing: In Depth
Lab 1: Density/Viscosity Lab 2: Sand/Retort/MBT Lab 3: PV/YP/Gel Strengths Lab 4: Chlorides/Hardness Lab 5: pH, Pm, Pf, Mf
Handout 6 Handout 7 Handout 8 Handout 9 Handout 10 (Unit 2 Review)
Third Week: Treatments and Pilot Testing
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Handout 10 Due Handout 11 Due Handout 12 Due Handout 13 Due Handout 14 Due
Unit 2 Final Test Lig Mud: In Depth Polymer Mud: In Depth Lime Mud: In Depth Contaminants: In Depth
Lab 6: Pilot Testing Lab 7: Lig Mud Pilot Lab 8: Polymer Mud Pilot Lab 9: Lime Mud Pilot Lab 10: Contaminations
Handout 11 Handout 12 Handout 13 Handout 14 Handout 15 (Unit 3 Review)
Fourth Week: Final Testing
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Handout 15 Due Lab 12: Contaminations Comprehensive Final No Class No Class
Unit 3 Final Test Classroom Cleanup Commencement    
Lab 11: Contaminations Recap and Review      
Recap and Review        
*Noteworthy Points: Student handouts include additional subjects not listed in the above course schedule. One of the subjects that our handouts cover is how to perform basic field calculations. Although not very difficult, these handouts may require some extra study time outside of class. Please keep in mind that our instructors will describe how to complete handout exercises and that having math skills is not a requirement for our course. Further, instructors recommend 45 minutes of studying per day as a way to refresh important concepts that are learned in lectures and labs.
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