- Course Sessions -

Unfortunately, the North American Rig Count has been very weak. Since entry-level jobs are now hard to find, we have chosen to postpone all classes until 2022 or 2023. Why invest in training when there are layoffs and hiring freezes? It is best to wait until the rig count significantly recovers with crude oil over $100 per barrel.

- Course Material -

We are confident that our month long course is one of the most practical training options available. If you would like to know more about our course, take some time and drill deeper into our website. To review what we teach in class, start by clicking on the link below.

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Do you need a place to stay for the length of our drilling fluids training course? Plenty of options are available. In fact, the area has really grown thanks to the international airport nearby. Feel free to choose from the high end hotels and affordable local inns that are found at the link below.

- Finding Jobs -

Many are listed under different headings. In fact, are often posting new jobs under titles like; Drilling Fluids Engineer Level 1, Drilling Fluids Service Representative, or Field Service Rep. I Drilling Fluids. Want to find out more? Click on the link below.

- Meeting Demand -

To meet the demand for Drilling Fluids training, we are developing another classroom in West Texas. Although far from complete, Ace's West Texas Mud School is scheduled to open within the next 2 years. Thank you for your patience and please note that all incoming emails are being directed to our California office.

- Mud Tip -

Most drilling fluids products affect more than one mud property when they are added to a circulating system. Because of this, Mud Engineers need to analyze the different treatment methods they have available in the field. When determining which treatment is the best, it can help to keep things simple by selecting products known to have the least number of "side effects."
Welcome to . Known for the quality of our training, we focus on teaching the specialized skills needed to become a Mud Engineer
fast. Offering one of the only month-long courses in the industry, our program has regularly been called the most advanced training option around. This being so, students enrolled in our course find that we teach everything they need to get a head start in the field. Thank you for visiting Ace Mud School and please continue exploring our website to learn more.
  • No previous industry experience is needed. In truth, some of our most successful students had no prior experience in oil & gas before going through our accelerated training course.
  • We effectively target major learning styles. Using key scientific teaching methods, we engineered our curriculum to fully engage visual, auditory, and hands-on learners.
  • We proudly provide top quality instruction. Experienced instructors are what make Ace Mud School truly stand out as a leading educator in the drilling fluids industry.
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Unfortunately, the North American Rig Count has recently been very weak. Since entry-level mud engineer jobs are now hard to find, we have chosen to postpone all classes until 2019 or 2020. Why invest in training when there are mass layoffs and hiring freezes? It is best to wait until the rig count significantly recovers with crude oil over $100 per barrel.

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According to the latest in , the oil and gas industry is primed to start taking on larger and more complex drilling projects. With the use of new drill pipe and smart drilling systems, an increasing number of natural gas wells will reach depths of 15,000 feet or more below the surface of the earth. Why? Found at these depths are an estimated 125 trillion cubic feet of untapped natural gas in the U.S. alone. As one would expect, the advanced drilling operations needed to reach these depths will require highly trained fluid specialists. Ultimately, future deep drilling projects are sure to result in the creation of more oil rig jobs, in effect raising average . If you are looking for a way to enter the industry, get your start with Ace because we can put you on the path toward a more rewarding career as a .
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*The term "Mud Engineer" functions as a nickname in the drilling industry and cannot be used as a legal title in the U.S. If you choose to call yourself a "Mud Engineer" after completing our course Ace Mud School will not be held liable for any damages.
**Ace Mud School's certificate of completion does not bestow upon the certificate holder the title of "Licensed Professional Engineer." The drilling fluids industry does not require a "Licensed Professional Engineer" title in order to work in the US, Europe, China, or Africa.